Data Dimensions

PANOPTIC Automates

If you’ve made a resolution this year to change how your organization processes bill receipt, electronic payment and everything in between, Data Dimensions’ PANOPTIC is the solution you’ve been looking for.

PANOPTIC is the first complete, agnostic, end-to-end processing platform for the auto casualty and workers compensation markets. It automates the entire medical bill cycle, regardless of the carrier or bill review company, including Specialty and PPO Networks.

Here’s what PANOPTIC offers:

  • Built-in screening that reduces revenue leakage
  • Bill filtering that identifies bill routing to the appropriate network as needed, maximizing cost containment
  • Provider credentialing that flags providers whose credentials are not up-to-date, identifies legitimate providers in good standing and offers embedded protection against fraud and abuse
  • Artificial Intelligence that is applied throughout the platform to ensure maximum accuracy and efficiency
  • Customer provider and claims data analytics that reduce overall claims spend

PANOPTIC offers these and other unique capabilities that other claims management solutions simple can’t match. Its multi-faceted, fully integrated workflow can help your organization achieve its goal – true cost containment.

Data Dimensions offers a diversified and comprehensive medical bills and medical claims outsourcing solution that spans the entire claims continuum. 

By automating these intricate processes, Data Dimensions not only increases the speed of medical bill processing but also minimizes the risk of errors. This can lead to significant improvements in overall accuracy, compliance, and ultimately, customer satisfaction. The company’s commitment to automation is positioned to drive positive transformations in the medical billing landscape, providing a solution that is not only advanced but also adaptable to the evolving needs of healthcare providers, payors, and bill review entities alike.