Data Dimensions

Digital Mailroom Solution

If you’re concerned that your company is relying too much on traditional print and mail processing to distribute your critical payment and remittance information, the solution is finding a reliable provider of a Centralized Digital Mailroom Solution, one that combines years of experience with a continuing commitment to evolving technology.

A Digital Mailroom solution can help your organization automate document functions such as mailroom and post office box management, courier services, document preparation, imaging, indexing, and medical bill data capture.

Benefits of a Digital Mailroom Solution:

  • Reduced operating and overhead costs
  • The benefits of leading-edge technology and experienced staff without the expense of investing in new equipment or hiring new employees
  • Automation of your organization’s business process, allowing for greater focus on your core competencies
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements, such as GLBA, Fair Credit Reporting, SEC, HIPAA, and more, including industry and state requirements
  • Back-up and redundancy for disaster recovery
  • Elimination of the need for duplicate procedures lost documents, and the need to make photocopies

By centralizing the mail handling process, organizations can reduce the risk of lost or misdelivered mail, improve security, and save time and resources.


Throughout the Digital process, your organization’s documents are tracked in real-time with full transparency from point of receipt to delivery. Such tracking gives you the real-time status of each piece of mail received, ensuring that communication remains consistent and efficient.

If you are considering implementing a centralized mailroom solution for your organization, it is important to evaluate your specific needs and requirements. You may also want to consult with a vendor or expert in digital mailroom management systems to ensure you select the right solution for your organization’s unique needs.