Data Dimensions

Automating Invoice Capture

Invoice processing is necessary to your organization, but it’s also a time-intensive (and paper-intensive) function that results in high volumes of manual data entry, time-consuming exceptions processes, and slow (and costly) turnaround.

But there is a solution. With Data Dimensions’ AP Capture solution, your organization’s accounts payable department will be able to streamline your process, reduce costs and increase client satisfaction.

Here’s how Data Dimensions’ AP Capture works:

  1. Invoices are received, prepared, and converted to an electronic form.
  2. Data is extracted, and business rules are applied to drive the workflow.
  3. This streamlined workflow allows for approval, denial, partial pay or pend.
  4. Integration is made your organization’s existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) processes.

And capture is only a part of Data Dimensions’ comprehensive AP solution. Our automated workflow combines invoice capture, management, and integration into a complete, end-to-end payables solution. No matter what the form of the invoices your organization receives, Data Dimensions’ solution will handle them, as well as integrate easily with your existing processes and systems.

Automating invoice capture is an essential aspect of modernizing a company’s accounting and finance operations. By automating the capture and processing of invoices, businesses can improve their overall financial efficiency, reduce processing errors, and minimize costs. With the use of advanced machine learning algorithms and optical character recognition (OCR) technology, invoice capture solutions can accurately capture and extract relevant data from invoices, including vendor information, invoice numbers, line items, and totals.

AP Capture solutions like Data Dimensions also offer advanced features such as automatic routing of invoices for approval, electronic storage and retrieval of invoices, and real-time status updates. By reducing manual processes and eliminating paper-based systems, organizations can reduce the risk of lost or misplaced invoices, increase visibility into their invoice processing workflows, and enhance their compliance with audit regulations.

Overall, automating invoice capture is a smart investment for any business looking to streamline its accounting processes, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency. By leveraging technology to automate manual tasks, businesses can ensure their employees are focused on higher-level tasks while also improving their bottom line.