Data Dimensions

Secure Hard Copy Documents

Data Dimensions does more than convert your organizations’ paper documents to electronic files. Our Hard Copy Management services ensure that those original paper documents are securely catalogued, stored and, if you choose, destroyed.

Here’s how the process works: Your documents are assigned a Document Control Number (DCN) by our imaging equipment and software during the imaging process. Then, those documents are boxed, and the boxes are bar-coded and labelled with your client number. Finally, the boxes are transported to Data Dimensions’ Records Management Center (RMC) via our courier staff in private company vehicles and stored in the secure building.

Among the benefits you’ll enjoy by relying on Data Dimensions’ hard copy storage:

  • The ability to eliminate the overwhelming amounts of paper documents that accumulate when doing business, allowing your business to expand and grow
  • Compliance of regulatory requirements, such as GLBA, Fair Credit Reporting, SEC and others including state and federal statutes
  • Safe, secure shredding, ensuring that your confidential materials remain private and that your shredded records are destroyed — and that destruction is verifiable with certification

Most importantly, your valuable records are stored in Data Dimensions’ facility, which is monitored 24 hours a day, constructed of concrete and steel, and equipped with smoke and heat sensors, motion detectors and an enhanced fire-suppression system. Also, our building’s walls have a seven-hour burn-through rating, and the nearest fire station is only one mile from the facility – and is manned 24 hours a day.