Data Dimensions

PANOPTIC is Data Dimensions’ new processing platform for the auto casualty and work comp markets. And it’s not like any other platform out there. For one thing, it’s a truly complete, end-to-end platform that is completely agnostic, integrating with any bill review company, which makes it a versatile asset for insurers.

Here are a few of the unique capabilities of PANOPTIC :

  • Built-in bill screening that reduces revenue leakage
  • Bill filtering that identifies bill routing to appropriate networks as needed to maximize cost containment
  • Provider credentialing that protects against fraud by flagging providers whose credentials are not up to date and identifying providers in good standing
  • Artificial Intelligence that is applied throughout the platform, ensuring maximum accuracy and efficiency
  • Custom provider and claims data analytics that reduce claims spend

PANOPTIC is a true game changer for medical bills processing. If you’re an insurer looking for a way to use a single platform for everything from bill receipt to electronic payment – and meet Insurance Diversity Initiative (IDI) goals, PANOPTIC is the solution you’re been looking for.