Data Dimensions

It’s not just a new year – it’s a new decade. It’s time for your organization to make changes that will improve your operational outcomes, reduce your expenses, and set your company on a path to success for the years to come.

Here are just a few of the services Data Dimensions offers that can benefit your company:

  • Print and Mail: Manage numerous file formats, libraries, and business rules, and utilize high-output technology to produce personalized communication.
  • Payments: In both the insurance and finance realms, DD BillPay can help your company save time and money by streamlining the payment process.
  • Centralized Mailroom: Reduce the cost, complexity, time and errors associated with opening, managing and distributing inbound documents.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Learn how A.I. can streamline your operation by maximizing no-touch invoice processing, increasing auto-adjudication, reducing administrative costs and increasing efficiency.
  • Workflow: Our ECM, Dimensions360, optimizes the claim and medical bill process (in the insurance realm) and automates the entire transaction lifecycle (in the finance realm.)

Data Dimensions combines decades of experience with a dedication to continually evolving technology to standardize services and processes, which results in improved service quality and increased profits for your organization.

New year. New decade. Time to take a new look at how you do business.